Sunday, February 7, 2010

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise

alright.. finally i've done it.. first time using airbrush on gunpla and this also the my first gunpla that paint by airbrush.. what i done to the kit?.. here the list..

-panel line on the white color parts
-matte top coat on the white color parts
-use all the foil stickers ( the foil sticker for eyes have fixed)
-other parts for blue color are the gaia blue color and Mr.color metallic blue
-decals and markings applied
-painted the hydraulic pump with gundam markers on the tactical arm

so there are three mistakes i made this time..

- i broke the handle for the tactical arms when i try to pose it and it drop..( got it fix by glue)
- some parts of the inner frame drop out from the body and i accidentally step on it and broke it (got it fix back to the body)
-got all the panel line smear on the cap of the head spoil during apply top coat on it (got it fix by recolor it)

first of all.. the kit is very pose-able.. the articulation is great since it is one the latest MG Seed series.. got a lot of detail on the inner frame.. not much obstruction of the plate armor for its movement but the shoulder armors is quite annoying as i move the arm too much and the plate armors on the shoulder starting to come off.. the thumb too.. while making the palm hold on to the tactical arm.. the thumb keeps on pops out.. this is one dangerous issue here because it very easy to lost this small part..

as i said that i broke some of the parts.. so anyone who building this kit or planning to get this kit must be careful because some of the parts is quite fragile.. the last issue is the tactical arm.. it can transform for different function but as a big size weapon.. the weight always create trouble because the palm can't support it well.. posing with the tactical arm really make me headache no matter in which form (sword form, gatling gun form or sword arm form).. enough for the words here.. not much complain but pretty sad for this kit as i broke some parts.. lets enjoy the pics..

i edit some of the photo to remove the stand.. but the picture look not natural at all as i'm using the "paint" program only and i lost all the shadow after the picture edited..

copy this pose from yunamon.. astray blue frame 3rd L.. damn.. this post look so nice.. wonder when Bandai going to release the 3rd L..
thats all for this kit.. for the WIP link please scroll down..

WIP 9 Part 2 : paint

WIP 9 : paint

WIP 8 : Weapons

WIP 7 : Waist unit

WIP 6 : Legs and feets unit

WIP 5 : Shoulders unit

WIP 4 : arms unit

WIP 3 : head unit

WIP 2 : chest unit

WIP 1 : boxart and runners

the end..


Asian1skill said...

damn looks nice the paintjob omg i wish i had an airbrush now lol anyways love the poses especially the last one i wish they made a blue frame 3rd L its so bad ass lol anyways love the metalic blue on the sword so yea

seven6398 said...

Asian1Skill: thx man.. for the airbrush actually you can try to order it from .. it won't cost much.. i hope the third L will release too but i guess it won't be that fast..

ami said...

i also broke some part in this kit when assemle it.the part tat i broke is plstic Polycap slot below,behind hip..zzz.luckily tat polycap can be fix at the body by super glue.i think bcoz this kit lacks ABS part for frame is't it?

seven6398 said...

ami: i'm not sure.. but as what i know like some of the ver.ka model.. lesser polycap joint is better actually..

Shinra said...

Wow, that metallic blue looks really nice. I should really get around to decalling my Blue Frame kit, they look pretty good.

Love your photos. What's your set up like? Backdrop? Lighting? Looks great

seven6398 said...

shinra: i'm using the back of the advertisement banner which have the semi-gloss white as the backdrop.. as for the lighting.. it just normal fluorescent light.. i do edit a bit on the lighting.. so it will have more contrast..

LEon said...

I have to say your hard work pay off very well. A fine figure!

Ash said...

hi i was wondering what were the other paint u use for this kit. like the black parts. Is it gunmetal? I know this is a pretty old post but i hope u would reply. Thx

seven6398 said...

ash: the black color was the original color that come with the kit.. but if you want to get that effect by painting.. then you can the the metallic black steel.. sorry for the late reply..


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