Friday, February 12, 2010

HGUC Rezel WIP 2

part 2 ready at the same day? actually i done all the building process two days ago.. this WIP is for the chest or body.. i can't believe such small HG kit will have so many parts for its body.. feel like an MG.. it using ball type joint for the arms..

at first i was thinking how could this transformable MS have such simple body structure and how does it transform with such simple body structure.. as this is one of the successor of Zeta and it should have the same body structure like Zeta.. especially MG format.. then i found some weird part which look like the body in one piece only i'm realize that the transformation of this kit need part swapping on the body.. i was like.. WTF!!!.. then i went to and check the HGUC Zeta and it have the same way of transformation too.. the transformation of Zeta family is actually need part swapping on the body for HGUC type and for MG format can directly transform.. too illustrate this issue.. i will try to upload some of the photo for the manual soon

to be continue..

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