Saturday, February 13, 2010

Help me out for my blog link

currently i'm working on my blog link i lost last month.. i only put on the blog that i'm just view.. who ever that view my blog and have a blog.. please let me know your blog link.. suggestion to other blog is also welcome.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Mike said...

hehe i tak tau malu so i should post my blog link here.

other than your blog, i also read Z's blog ( and ngee khiong's one (i think you know the link la). a few more to name, just go to my blog then u can see the links in there.

seven6398 said...

mike: hey.. i should be the one who tak tau malu.. like a lot of people view my blog.. haha.. anyway.. thx..

TongSoup said...

You're doing some good work man. I just started Gunpla semi seriously so obviously my workmanship isn't as keen. Check out my stuff and please give me some advice.


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