Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ DVD

this is what i watch currently.. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.. bought it from Popular Bookshop in JUSCO Cheras Selatan.. original price was RM 69.90 but it only sell at RM 39.90 .. i guess this is the original one.. but as i see the picture printed on the disc.. those pictures are just like download and print from internet.. and when i watch the last few episode of the first disc.. stuck like hell.. so.. i have no idea should i still call this a original disc or what.. never mind.. the packaging was so nice.. those picture inside the disc is quite interesting too..

the audio not only come in japanese but also come in cantonese.. like watching those japanese anime during 90s in TV which also speak cantonese in those series..


Anonymous said...

heard the blu-ray version is coming out soon?!
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll added you too :D

seven6398 said...

twilightreap: blu-ray?.. mm.. no plasma or full HD TV yet.. not even the blu-ray reader.. no problem for the blogroll..


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