Monday, February 15, 2010

HGUC Rezel WIP 8

as for the weapons.. actually this kit come with 3 types of weapon which is the beam rifle, beam saber, beam cannon which attach in the shield and also the shield.. forgot to take picture of the beam saber and the complete unit of the shield/beam cannon..

pretty simple.. require only 3 parts and all in two color which is base on grey and the pipe was in white color according to the manual..

the structure of the shield is pretty simple too but it store it in different way as compare to zeta gundam even the shield is look exactly like the zeta shield.. zeta gundam's shield doesn't come with any weapon such as beam cannon.. larger proportion of the shield for zeta gundam was at bottom whereas rezel was the other way round because of the beam cannon.. will show the pictures of what i mention about the placing of the shield at next pose..

to be continue..

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