Friday, February 19, 2010

New Project Second wave

actually these kits were arrive same week with HGUC rezel but have no time to prepare this post since chinese new year that time..

so.. here is it:

-HG Calamity
-HG Masurao
-MG Mk2 A.E.U.G version

RM 50 for the HG Calamity, i guess the price quite low and HG Raider was next to it but i'm just don't have the feeling of buying both together.. maybe will buy it next month when i found the HG Forbidden together..

to bad that i miss the timing for painting the part left for the HGUC Rezel.. hope i can complete the part for MA mode for HGUC Rezel soon..


Faris said...

Cant wait to see the final outcome of this gundams hehehe
I like what you did to your Razel nice paint job man
i will link you

seven6398 said...

Faris: thx.. i'm currently assembling the calamity.. will try to complete it by this two weeks.. stay tune..


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