Sunday, February 21, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 4

this WIP will cover the waist unit and legs unit..

basically the waist have nothing much to say.. like old HG which use ball joint type for the legs.. the front plate is stick together for both side (left and right) and doesn't come in ball joint type like HGUC Rezel which means it can't be separated or else.. cry..

a beautiful simple leg.. somehow i feel if the leg store with missile pack like those from Ginn isn't that make it look more furious.. the ankle joint is quite flexible actually..
not sure what the f**king wrong with the picture uploader.. i rotate all the photo to horizontal yet it upload in vertical no matter how i try..
the part that i left.. should put it together with the picture above to show all the parts for legs.. always make this mistake.. even in HG..

to be continue..


Anonymous said...

yo seven ur ishoptogo ad is so fucking annoying everytime i hear that shit its pissing me off makeing me not want to keep visiting ur blog no offense to u, just tht shit is so annoying

seven6398 said...

Anonymous: chill.. i'm currently working on it.. i'm asking ishop2go to provide me one without sound..

Anonymous said...

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