Thursday, February 11, 2010

HGUC Rezel WIP 1

First WIP for this kit.. all about the runners and the boxart.. total of nine runners come with this kit including the polycap runners.. the box is not that big either..

nothing much to say here except i forgot to show the foil stickers and the runners

i have figure out the color scheme.. the color that using will be major on white, second will be blue and other will be red and yellow (it is the zeta color scheme).. as for those joint or other gray color part will paint by metallic steel black.. thrusters will be painted into gold color..

one problem is those hydraulic pump is so small.. i have no idea how to paint it? here is what i think to do.

- paint it with the metallic steel black.
- use masking tape to cover other area that should not be painted.
- will use the silver chrome color marker and the Mr. color gold.
- use a tiny brush for the Mr.color gold mix with thinner to paint.

so.. what do you guys think about the steps?.. anything should i look after? C & C are welcome.. haha..

to be continue..


Mike said...

i still prefer its original color scheme. i tahan not to buy this one because i'm waiting for the leader type, coming on march. planning to buy the GFFN #0043 too. ReZeL is going to be my very first non gundam Gunpla and GFF!

seven6398 said...

Mike: actually i prefer the original color scheme too.. but i'm too lazy to mix the right color and don't want just cover the nub marks with gundam markers.. i'm waiting for the commander unit too..


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