Monday, February 22, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 5

all the weapon is done now..

i like this kit so much actually is because of its weapon.. eventhough it doesn't come with any melee range weapon such as beam saber but it still can fight perfectly for close range battle.. in the PSP gundam seed versus game.. most of the weapon can use to knock enemy down whenever the enemy close to this MS by using the back and chest cannon or the bazooka..

first we start with the back cannon.. it normally will fire together with the chest cannon in one of the PSP gundam seed versus game.. in the game the cannon actually is more flexible which can fire spread by move horizontall way but in this kit.. the cannon only can move vertical way.. need to get some red pen with tiny head for some detailing here..

the bazooka is my favourite.. i was thinking how should i paint it.. what color should i use or just left it with the metallic steel black..

shield is another good weapon to use in this MS too.. part of deffending.. it comes with beam gun.. since most of the weapon for this MS is either bazooka and cannon which the attack speed is to slow.. beam gun use to cover this flaw.. that is why i said this MS's weapon is so intelligent..

but still this MS have one big flaw is the mobility is so slow due to lack of thruster unit.. when it battle on earth.. it must need Raider to move fast againts the gravity.. at space.. it can't fast due to lack of thruster.. so the best way for this MS to battle is stay further from the battle and use all its long range weapon..

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

yea dats true since the calamity is base on fire power but, there has to a flaw in every suit not one is perfect so i guess its up to the person what kind of suit he would prefer on specs but still the calamity is nice but i like the sword version better i heard u can order a conversion for it and its not dat expensive i heard

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: hmm.. sword version.. i saw that before.. the conversion kit which have not painted yet.. and if i'm not wrong.. the conversion kit is resin type.. it may cost almost the same price as the kit..


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