Sunday, February 14, 2010

New header

alright.. time for header this time.. i've working our some headers this few days.. and i created my own logo for this blog too.. i'm too lazy to learn photoshop so i'm just use the Microsoft Powerpoint and Paint to copy, crop, cut and edit those picture.. so here are some result..

this is the 1st header which i'm using it now.. and this also the last one that i design it out.. borrow the idea from transformer.. lol.. i was trying to make it like a warzone on air with some Zeta Plus A1 at back.. damn.. if i know how to use photoshop i may able to add some sky background..
the 2nd one.. pretty simple.. i named it the seven strike.. since my blog start with seven so i put seven strike to re-present it.. but i feel it just too simple.. lack of something but i don't know what is it..
the 3rd one was another simple but perfect for me.. .. with a little bit shadow on those object make it look like 3D effect.. i've been thinking of using this too but i feel it just too simple.. and i don't know what to add..

so.. what you guys think?.. or any suggestion?..


Q said...

Sometimes simplicity can be the best thing out there. Personally I like the 2nd one (7 Strikes) the most. Btw the video ad is kinda annoying, having to hear the sounds on every page I go. Would it be better to remove it IMHO?

Oh and finally, Happy Chinese New Year!

seven6398 said...

Q: Hey.. Happy Chinese New Year!.. you celebrate it in HK.. definitely fun and cool there.. thx for your suggestion.. mm.. you got the point on the video ad.. maybe i should consider and discuss with ..


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