Monday, February 22, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 6

got the whole kit assembled now.. look at it.. the color ruin everything.. argh!!!!

actually i got the whole disassemble again and prepare for the prime.. things went pretty well for the surfacer..

first i don't have to set up my paint area outside my house (side of the road in front my house).. my mom provide me a better place which next to the car porch and even set up all the newspaper for me.. YA HOO!!!.. at least i don't have to set up my own umbrella during strong sunlight at my new paint area.. and my mom set up for me eventhough she always mumbling at me all the time when i paint my stuff.. i guess she actually understand me and concern about my health toward all those chemical stuff from the paint.. and also concern i spoil her grill!!! XD..

anybody try leave the surfacer unpaint as one of the color? i'm asking it because i'm planning to do that as i don't have any grey color now and lazy to go and get one..

one last topic i'm going to share in this post is part time job and study are coming back.. i think i'm not able to post as fast as what i done this month.. 20++ post this month where i usually post 10++ a month.. hopefully i can maintain the posting speed after my study and part time job back..

to be continue..

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