Saturday, February 20, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 1

alright.. from the new project second wave.. the first one i start first.. HG Calamity.. RM 50 for this.. i guess it worth it.. since it is an old HG.. i saw it together with HG Raider actually but i'm just don't have the feeling of buying it together.. maybe will get the HG Raider together with HG Forbidden at some good price when i saw it..

this is the first WIP which will include the box art and runners.. total of five runners including the polycap runner.. only five!!! i check the manual and the structure was unbelievable simple.. never mind.. more easy to paint..

yeap.. i'm going to paint this kit.. at first i never thought to paint this kit but when i open the box and see the runners.. it killing me.. the color for the kit was completely different from what i saw from manual.. that is why i show some of the pictures of the manual.. here is the list of the color:

-original color was super dark green but it come in dark green
-original color was dark green but it come in light green
-original color was medium grey but it come in light grey
-original color was yellow but it come in orange
-original color was red but it come with dark red

so much work to do on this kit.. argh!!!.. never mind.. since the structure is simple.. i guess the painting part will be quite easy..

not much pose or dynamic pose can be made by this kit..

some screenshot which normally can see from some old HG seed model and also recommended kit together..

look at the CG style calamity.. gorgeus..

this is the solution of the super dark green and the dark green.. for the yellow and red will depends on the gaia color..

to be continue..

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