Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HGUC Rezel WIP 10

alright.. painting is completed.. still left the decal and panel line.. forgot to paint the extra part for transformation.. the tight is not painted properly.. i skip for painting those hydraulic pump as i mention WIP 1 because it is not the hydraulic pump but some kind of pipe like those in MG Nu gundam's mesh pipe..

will paint the transformation parts soon.. alright from the previous post i mention about the zeta shield and the shield for this kit..

this is how zeta gundam store it shield..
this is how rezel store its shield..

will do a summary of all the color i used for the next pose which also the complete with action post..

to be continue..


Mike said...

this color scheme looks like the ZII!

Asian1skill said...

That was fast?!?! did u use airbrush?

seven6398 said...

Mike: yup.. i use zeta color scheme on it

Asianskill: actually it not that fast.. i use 3 days to apply surfacer and paint it.. my post is slower than my actual work.. hehe.. yup.. i'm using airbrush..

Tsukinari said...

whoah!! nice color scheme!! very well done... I havent started mine.. still building MG GN-X ^^.. looking at urs making me to paint my GN-X huhuhu...

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: thx.. all thanks to the airbrush set you recommend for me to done all this..


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