Thursday, February 18, 2010

HGUC Rezel

alright.. done.. for the mobile suit parts..

here are the color that i use:

- gaia gloss blue
- gaia gloss red
- gaia gloss yellow
- gaia gloss white
- Mr.color metallic black steel
- Mr.color gold
- black color panel line

i use three days to finish the painting actually.. as i mention from the last post in comment that my actual work is faster than what i post here.. some of the parts like the tight and the backpack was not painted properly as i paint all that part at night and outdoor.. visibility for color differentiation was so low.. by the time i check it.. it is already too late because i have apply the marking and decal and also the panel.. if i want to fix it back.. it will take me alot more work and time..

i use all the foil stickers and some markings as well.. lets check the pics..

show some of the markings here
the panel line is not easy to rub off once it applied on the paint.. it is not easy to apply the panel line on the paint as well.. it will dry off the ink from head of gundam marker and need to wait for a while until the gundam marker recover.. the fastest way is to use the gundam marker on other surface if the head of the gundam marker dry..

this is the mesh pipe that i'm talking about from the last post.. i thought it was a hydraulic pump and plan to paint it with gold and silver gundam markers.. but i give up on it.. first is because i'm lazy.. second is i like the metallic black steel color effect here..
painted the thruster with gold color.. and the Mr.color gold is not easy to handle as well.. the gold powder in the liquid sometime will separated when it mix with thinner.. especially in the airbrush small tank.. and when it separated.. the gold color will not come out but just the liquid with thinner that have no color which will spoil the parts that have painted.. the only way to overcome is use the finger to block the head of the airbrush to let the air go back to the tank and blow (mix) the color and thinner in the airbrush tank.. one more thing about this Mr.color gold is it not easy to clean it up from the airbrush tank and also the small empty bottle use for mixing the paint and thinner..

this is the part that i mention above.. i didn't paint the white color well..

all the grey color part was painted with Mr. metallic black stell.. especailly the beam rifle..

action pose.. on the ground first..

i painted the the part under the feet in gold color as well.. just for fun.. no reason..

try copy this pose from the box art..

my favourite angle and pose..

alright.. thats all for here..


Here are some WIP links:

WIP 1: boxart and runners

WIP 2: Chest unit

WIP 3: head unit

WIP 4: arms unit

WIP 5: legs unit

WIP 6: waist unit

WIP 7: thruster units

WIP 8: weapon and shield

WIP 9: snapfit complete (before paint)

WIP 10: painted before detailing

The end..


Ryan Tin said...

Hmmm looks very alike to the Z I. Good job!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

2 thumbs up for the paintjob!!!

nice looking ReZE(ta)L

seven6398 said...

Ryan TIn: thx.. nice to meet you

Zoidiect: thx.. nice to meet you..

added both of you in my link

Tsukinari said...

look good! very nice paint job! good job on that.. ur skills I think better than me ^^;;

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: thx.. oh come on man.. don't say that.. we can't be compare.. your oo gundam looks very good too.. can't wait to see your reborn complete.. planning to get one too.. the color schemes you created inspire me a lot..

chrismandesign said...

well.. now i’m here again, just was waiting for u to end the job... i now many gunplas collectors post the process of their works, but probably i will not do that, only the final result... very good paint job, pal, it will b some kind of eye-trainning for me, cuz finally (OMG) my gundam markers r on the way, so i’ll star soon with my own mechas (first grade to begin...) so sorry for the parts painted in the night (not so good idea) & the panel lines seems a lil’ bold but the general appareance is really attractive... see ya

Mike said...

love how often you update ur progress, good job.

to be honest i'd prefer the original color scheme, it's just me :P bcoz i have too many default gundam scheme (blue red yellow white)gunplas.

I'm not sure whether should i wait for the HGUC ReZeL commander type or just go buy the GFFN ReZeL because I know that I can't do the paint jobs to make it perfect, so buying the GFFN would be better choice instead, but the only downside is its price :(

btw, just a point of advice. Have you bought the gundam decal no.76? that's for HGUC Unicorn but I think you can use it for ur ReZeL too. I've bought it but I've not paint my unicorns yet. I guess it works for ReZeL too, bcoz i like Katoki's decal overload style :D hope you haven't coat it yet...

seven6398 said...

chrismandesign: hey.. nice to see again.. thx man.. yeah.. i will never try to paint at low light condition again XD.. so hard.. you are right about the panel line.. thinking of thinner type.. maybe 0.2 but have to know the ink type..

mike: but isn't the GFFN type is like figure.. i saw it from ngeekhiong and it really look nice.. all the proportion, paint job and markings.. and it even come with the beam launcher.. really atractive.. but the commander type have different back pack too.. really headache to choose if you ask me.. just get both ba.. haha

about the decal.. you got the point.. yeap.. i haven't coat it yet.. but i think i will just left this kit like this.. and buy the decal for another rezel or rezel commander unit.. and then coat it.. then it will look like GFFN.. XD

Mike said...

yeap. GFFN is a figure not gunpla. the GFFN can convert into both commander and normal unit which is a plus point. ppl like me who can't and lazy to paint shall go for GFFN :P

i might get the commander unit, which has green facemask and deco, which is red in GFFN. just need to wait... til i collect enough money...

seven6398 said...

mike: get both.. great idea.. haha..

wow.. i haven't really check out the different of the commander unit actually.. i only know the back pack and the weapon is a bit different but don't know about the face and mask.. tempting.. XD

Q said...

An interesting colour scheme to mimic that of the original Zeta. Makes the ReZel look more than just a grunt unit now :o

Really like the paintjob I must say; it's clean and even. And the gold thrusters are definitely very attractive there~ Great work there!

seven6398 said...

Q: thx..

fairuzaliayen said...

I LOVE this ZETA look... the original is also nice but at least i wish that the commander type should at least have this color scheme=)

divinelight said...

woa, the rezel color scheme is better this way than original.

good job, I like it


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