Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HGUC Rezel MA mode

alright.. here i give you the.. MA mode of Rezel.. yeah.. i know.. its a bit late to update this.. i forgot to paint the part that need to swap for MA mode.. so i paint it together with the HG Calamity because i don't want to set up the paint corner just for few parts..

the transformation of this HGUC is not that complicated.. but if this is an MG.. then.. headache.. because the whole transformation of Rezel is different from zeta.. the chest is facing front while the Zeta's chest facing down.. this is the major part that differentiate it.. hard to describe it out.. get one then you will know.. haha..

the part for swapping major is to replace the arms unit which i directly paint it with only white color for this part.. since it will cover with weapon and shield.. i don't really care to detail that part.. lets check the pics..

using a clear color base actually is a advantage when using on high contrast picture because it will become less visible..

when in MA mode.. the shield cannon and the beam rifle point to the same direction.. DIE!!!

side view..

somehow the MA mode doesn't look like a jet mode much.. triangle shape.. but lots of thrusters..

thats all for this kit..

hope you enjoy and comment or critic are welcome..


Anonymous said...

Its for space use, there's no need for wings in space.

chrismandesign said...

great !!! i love my Zeta HG kit & this Rezel as well... this one is more compact... again congrats, ur new colour scheme (similar to the one of the original Zeta) is very attractive, the gold & copper details were risky, but the final effect is interesting... i hope to become as risky when i customize my kits...

seven6398 said...

anonymous: you got the point..

chris: thx.. but i still prefer zeta plus MA mode.. haha..

Shinra said...

Really like that gold on the thrusters, what kind of paint did you use? It's so smooth, did you hand brush?

Nice work!

seven6398 said...

Shinra: actually i'm using airbrush for the gold color.. here is the link that show the paint type..

chubbybots said...

Haha looks great man :D Good work!! I love the look of the thrusters, blends very well with the zeta color scheme :D

Asian1skill said...

well i guess dat why u haf to get the commander type rite since it has wings lol but i prefer the non commander type because of the red eyes since the commander type has green eyes so yea but nice photos love the angles

seven6398 said...

Chubbybots: thx..

Asian1skill: yeah.. but i prefer if the beam launcher place on the center during MA mode look more nicer.. green color nice too.. haha

Jacques said...

I like the custom paint scheme very much,much more outstanding as compared to the default scheme. good job there!

Zeon_Two_Six said...

The ReZel Commander type actually solved the blockiness of the suit with the additional wings and long rifle. Still, kudos to the kit and the paint job. (color scheme reminds me of the V2...)

P.S. Mind if you add me on your blogroll?


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