Monday, March 22, 2010

Another day in Times Square

it've been six days not posting anything!!!.. busy on study and work.. don't even have time to start my next project.. the MG Mk 2..

so.. went to Times Square again.. not mainly to re-supply or buying gundam kits but to watch movie with friend.. Alice in Wonderland.. and my friend that have influence by me into gunpla world starting to influence me back.. hahaha.. time to payback.. brought a better camera.. the Canon IXUS 200 is.. so take some photos during this outing..

night shot with flash at this distant and yet still can get everything.. sometimes.. smart auto is trustworthy.. haha..

Clash of The Titan.. must watch.. Kaiji???.. Tao fighter.. not interested..
not the 3D version because my sister said it not worth to watch in this version because the effect is not that fantastic.. so
go for the normal version.. i feel the story is so similar to the Chronicle of Narnia first episode.. never mind.. Johnny Depp my favorite..

i watch the "the other pandora box".. more worse and so short.. like watching Titanic, Red Cliff and Journey to the West in one movie together.. yeah.. its quite funny and kind of relaxing watching some comedy after work..
so.. this time.. my friend brought me to graffiti toys which i use to brought him there before he get into gunpla.. so.. i took some photo of the display.. that Jee.. owner of the shop.. display lots of mechanical chain base.. i think its about 30 unit over there as the background of all the gundam (RX-78) figure..
and also the zaku as well.. damn.. i wish i have that much of mechanical chain base and the most important thing.. space to display..
found this and this was awesome.. before we are able to watch Star Wars episode 1,2,3.. we are not able to see Darth Vader face until the Star War Episode 6 and we are so curious of Darth Vader's face.. until the episode 6 come out at the last few scene before Darth Vader die.. he review his face.. the real face of Anakin Skywalker.. uncle.. zzz.. and this figure with those Darth Vader's equipment was from Star War episode 5 if i'm wrong and i can't believe that they made this out.. awesome scene..
more Star War stuff.. that Jee is crazy on Star War and Transformer stuff.. but gundam is just a business for him i guess..

fake Manchester United jersey.. that was my friend..

5th floor of Times Square.. dream for toy's collectors.. sometimes Games Arena do have some ot deal on gunpla.. their paint stuff is actually cheaper than Time Machine but too bad that the variation are not that much till now.. but the owner told me that they will increase more soon..
3rd floor.. movie ticket.. and lots of restaurant.. and only few that i like..
hehe.. like usual.. 6th floor.. amusement park.. midnight 3 dx new version.. come with new car which are the Nissan Skyline GT-R 35 and another GT-R 1970.. but i'm more interested to this..
Initial D Arcade stage 5 but this was new version which just inly available in Times Square and Leisure Mall recently.. other place like Mid Valley and Sungei Wang not upgraded to new version yet.. Wang Utama.. unknown.. it've been long time i didn't go there.. so.. whats the different.. the driving seems like usual but add some stuff like adding graphic to the character such as cloth, hair style, face and accessory.. one good thing is the upgrade of the car become more frequent.. you can only upgrade one time for every three match on the previous version.. but the new version can upgrade the car every time you put in the token and not continue..
more and more fake toys!!!!!.. figure, transformer, gunpla.. zzz
this one is more worst..
they even got fake gunpla from different grade, scale, and version.. look at the shin musha.. gosh.. they even make the boot-leg MG shin musha coated version..
last station was at Low Yat Plaza again.. avira fair held over there for this week..

thats all


chrismandesign said...

it was good for me to see that u have a time to chill wit ur friends... LllLooOOOLLlL... some ppl would think that collectors like us don’t hav a social life or not a real life at all... but take a look at the proofs... LOL... we go out and do whatever normal ppl do... the only difference: we hav a hobby, that’s all (but there are some obnoxious cavemen who call themselves collectors & giv us a bad reputation XDDDDDDDDDDDD) <@>_____<@>

LEon said...

Is this the time square from KL Malaysia?

seven6398 said...

chris: haha.. agree with you.. collecting toy is a hobby.. yet we still have normal life.. other think toy collector is abnormal because they think toy is only for kid..

Leon: yup.. that is the times square from KL Malaysia..


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