Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HG Masurao

slash slash slash.. this unit is all about slash.. all the pose was either normal standing pose or slashing pose cause it only got one type of weapon.. chakram beam saber.. is there machine gun on its chest?..

alright.. here is the color that used:

- black and white (mix together to create dark gray color).
- Mr.color gloss coat.
- panel line.

basically i didn't paint much for this kit accept all the gray color area.. i paint that area mainly is because of the color is not dark enough.. and to cover all the nub marks.. other nub marks was cover just using the black gundam marker..

i will NEVER.. NEVER.. NEVER TRUST CAN SPRAY!!!!! the house opposite my house was doing renovation and got a lot of dust fly over to my house when i paint this kit.. so.. all the dust was coat together.. but that is not the problem.. the biggest
problem is the bubble that form at the head of the can spray and got to the area i paint.. spoil the whole part and have to use thinner remove it.. and re-apply.. waste lot of money there!!!.. that is why i switch to use air brush.. got a lot of part that not coat properly.. lets get into the pics..

the normal standing pose just not outstanding enough because of the side binder and the chest is too big.. compare to the robot damashi version.. this look too bulky.. i have try to compare a lot of different Masurao standing pose in other grade.. and the one in manual and anime.. the top of the side binder should face to front angle a bit but in HG version.. it can't do it.. so i make the side binder at front so the hand position will stay normal due to not blocking by the side binder..

the part for GN Drive i guess.. it have similar design to gadess family but this is not an escape pod..

it doesn't look like what we have seen from the anime at all.. during the first appearance of Masurao.. reason?.. the chest is too fat and short.. same for the legs.. the shoulders not big enough.. this is the major problem that the HG Masurao have.. as for the Robot Damashi version.. looks a lot better..

alright.. start to pose more.. no problem on the articulation.. pretty good.. the problem of the pelvis joint?.. seems solve after a thick top coat cover on the ball joint.. improve the strength of the joint..
first slash..
then stab
and slash..
warn you..

it got no problem for the dynamic shots.. pretty easy to handle.. as long as the angle is good enough.. everything will look nice..

the coolest pose for this machine.. yet.. it is not easy to create.. the hole that available for the stand can't be use as both legs need to stay close to create this pose.. so i have to put it on the ground which this pose suppose to stay on air.. i don't have those figure stand!!! that is why it stay on the ground for this pose..

double hand sword.. the hand is flexible enough and the handle bar for the sword is thin and long enough.. so.. quite easy to make this pose also.. not facing those problem that we had on astray or destiny with their big sword..

this will be my favorite shot.. found this pose from google and copy it and made my own..

alright.. thats all..

for the WIP please follow the link provided:

-WIP 1: Boxart and runners
-WIP 2: Chest unit
-WIP 3: Head unit
-WIP 4: Hand and palm unit
-WIP 5: Waist unit
-WIP 6: Legs and feet unit
-WIP 7: Side binders and weapons

C&C are welcome.. enjoy..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

why did you align the binders forward in the standing pose? if align them to the side it will look better

but yeah the gloss is nice and the final product too ^^
(too bad for me, had to use can spray until i get myself AB ^^;; )

seven6398 said...

Zoidect: thx.. mm.. about the reason of align the side binder to front.. i have just edit the post.. you can check it from there..

chrismandesign said...

this kit is great for me, i dunno if this one is a sort of "cousin" of my Union Flag cuz it has the same light siluet & those incredibly long legs... the paint job, well the pics seem a lil’ bit dark so i can’t giv u my specific opinion, but i guess it’s fine cuz i know u take pain on this kind of jobs & the colour scheme is pretty neat & simple, i like it very much... =)

fairuzaliayen said...

i love this kit over the Susanowo because of the Katanas=) was disappointed that Graham is not going to pilot another Katana weilding Masurao-Susanowo look like mobile suit in the coming movie=(

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Nice. Black.dark colored kits always look nice in gloss color I suppose...

seven6398 said...

chris: thx.. this can be said the successor of the flag.. that is graham always said using flag to defeat gundam.. haha.. but i like both design of the flag and masurao..

fairul: nice to meet you.. graham is getting another flag unit in the next movie i guess.. still got 5 month to wait.. argh!!!

exkurogane: yeah.. i agree on that.. matte surface on dark color sometimes will make the dark color look lighter..


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