Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Project (All for OO series)

alright.. finally reborn gundam and MG GN-X arrived.. and got a little extra thing.. the HG Clear version for O gundam and Exia R2 which i never plan to get it at first..

finally i got my HG Reborn.. antagonist especially the leader always have some bad ass MS which is special ability, strong, may a bit bulk and unique outlook.. i have been wishing to have it long time ago.. with such complicated structure.. i guess if it release in NG 1/100.. it will have a lot of articulation problem.. will discuss more about this kit when i assemble it..

the HG Clear version for O gundam and Exia R2 seems like having bigger box right.. in fact the width and height looks larger than MG GN-X.. but the deep?.. check the next picture.. the boxart is good to use for poster.. haha
This is the deep for HG Clear version for O gundam and Exia R2.. so thin.. and this is the picture for all the kit that i haven't build..
seeing so many people assembling their MG GN-X really obsessing me to build one too.. but luckily i haven't started because i will regret if i do it before seeing Keita's work on this kit.. i'm not sure what color he was use for the grey color part but it looks like yellowish silver which looks a bit like gold.. inspire me a lot.. i may follow the same color if i find the right paint.. picture from Keita's blog"

this new project may schedule start after May 2010 which after i finish my HG Masurao and MG Mk 2.. still got a lot to go for HG Masurao.. will update more soon..


divinelight said...

At last, my Masurao is arrived (pre-order item), but it will have to wait till my other PO (00riser/7swords) finished.

GN-X seems good, but don't have spare money to buy that one.

Tsukinari said...

Yes! seeing keita-sama's awesome GN-X makes me want to mod my Jinx instead of just re-paint ORZ... nice get on Reborns gundam.. It is nice kit except for cannon mode lolz..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

nice get lol

seven6398 said...

divinelight: oo.. thought is the post office problem because it do happen that send the wrong parcel to other people and that person receive it..

From the look.. i like it.. but i can't judge or say much now.. maybe i will share more when i start assemble this kit.. stay tune.. haha

Tsukinari: somehow Keita not do much on mod but he only have minor detailing and repaint a bit of this kit.. so far.. this is the kit that i saw he did not much on it..

hey the color scheme that you chose for your reborn is similar to its predecessor.. the one gundam.. i saw it from Q.. haha.. just my suggestion.. a blue beam saber will be nice for your kit.. haha

Zoidect: thx..

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Oh, i see, this 76398 is your blog! I'm Kay Stevenson form Facebook whom you just added. I've came across this blog in the past...

Hmm... everyone seems to be getting the GN-X, but i've put that kit in my waiting list, not really a must get now... I love Keita's paint job, i have o idea what he used cuz' his GNX overall looks metallic/diecast-like.

Shinra said...

Can't wait to see some MG GN-X progress, I'm excited to start on that kit as well.

seven6398 said...

Exkurogane: yeah.. i use to have your blog in my blogroll but the entire blogroll was gone when i try to edit my blog template and found you back from other blog so i added you in my facebook too..

Shinra: mm.. i think the process should be up in tsuki's blog, and also keita's blog.. but not seeing anyone make some badass mod on this kit yet..


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