Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 1

it has been a while i haven't touch any MG.. since i need to build my HG collection.. already got three over here.. now i'm getting back to MG.. which my favorite grade.. i'm planning to own this kit long time ago where i want to collect some Zeta series gundam.. at first i was thinking to continue getting all the MS Zeta (like Zeta, Zeta plus A1 and C1, Double Zeta,, Full Armor Double Zeta, till the S and Ex-S) or just the MS in Zeta series(like Mk-2 both a.e.u.g. version and titan version, hyakushiki and also some zeon MS such as qubeley).. but then i found some combination.. why not getting the mini gundam team from ZZ gundam series which consist of ZZ gundam, Zeta gundam, Mk-2 gundam and Hyakushiki.. haha..

actually i'm not a fan of UC series especially Zeta gundam series but i just love the design of their MS.. Zeta gundam, Hyakushiki and of course.. Mk-2.. i do watch few episode of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam from TV and also internet.. too bad that i can't stand for the quality of old anime.. it took me so much patience of watching the Mobile Suit ZZ gundam until the last disc.. as we all know.. first few episodes normally not that excited and the action scene from gundam is not much.. but Mk-2 got lot of appearance from the first few episode.. especially the Titan version.. gosh.. i want to get the Titan version too.. and i stop watching the Mobile Suit Zeta gundam series after seeing Camile's father got killed in the Rick Dias.. So.. i know not much about the glory and the legend of this Mk-2 (and also its pilots which are Camile Bidan and Char Arznable) actually.. but just seeing it being fool because pilot by some other character in Mobile Suit ZZ gundam series.. i love the design and the weapon of this gundam as it is the successor of the original gundam RX-78..

So lets check out the box and the runners..

ver.2 type.. wh not getting the ver.1 first.. proportion and articualtion is the answer..
sometime i'm just think whats the point on putting those clear part in most of the MG kit as the celebration of gundam 30th anniversary.. which part will you will use to display your gundam? the original or the clear color part.. i'm still headache for this.. i was thinking that why not put some additional weapon or accessory that we can see from the anime but not from the MG kit as the celebration of gundam 30th anniversary.. so.. why i'm still getting this version with clear parts.. because it have the same price to the normal version..
here show some articulation.. guess it won't disappoint me.. i have high expectation on here for this kit since it stated ver.2 ..
what i like is the display base that can combine with Zeta display base or stand.. and with the lifter together in the base.. what do it miss? it should have something on the back like the kotobukiya mechanical chain base.. it've been a while i didn't buy that base.. cause it just too expensive for me.. some places selling the kotobukiya mechanical chain base for about RM 50.. gosh.. i'm faint..

side of the boxart..
first.. runners.. total of it are 18 runners including the clear parts runner..

here we go.. can see?.. sometime it quite hard to take picture on clear color stuff..
the base..
haha.. the inner part for the hydraulic pump on the feet that come in silver chrome and don't need to be paint..
mesh pipe?.. i'm only realize that this kit come with mesh pipe after open the box.. another hard part to be handle..
not much dry decal and markings.. god bless us.. haha.. quite number of foil stickers.. not good..

thats all for WIP 1

to be continue


chrismandesign said...

uhmmmm... delicious semi-classic MG kit Seven... congrats... this one is very attractive, the stand base & the clear parts add some fun & interesting exhibition characteristics... i like it so much... this box seems as big as the ones u can see for strike rouge, strike + I.W.S.P. or Crossbone... welcome MG kits again LOL

fairuzaliayen said...

same here i dont like the quality of old anime. bought the first gundam series and it took me some effort to even finish one episode. i think they should re make the first gundam series so that BANDAI can have more fans and more fans mean more GUNPLA sold =) hahahahah

seven6398 said...

Chrismandesign: thx.. well.. not only the box is big but the size of this MG quite big also.. the size was in between MG Nu-gundam and MG seed series..

fairul: i guess that explain why they want to make MS IGLOO.. today i went to Leisure Mall and saw a lot of old gundam series there but sell at RM69.90.. yet they told me only got 10% discount because it original.. but i guess if those anime is original then the cover of the box should standardize which not come different cover on the box for the same anime in different place.. some more the cover should not use the gundam from model kit's from boxart if it is original.. what do you think?

fairuzaliayen said...

i should post my GUNDAM 0079 box art pic to my blog. will do it tonight and address your issue.

oh well one thing for sure if the anime wants to use original cover box art they should provide some indication that it is original instead just putting Malaysian Film thingy symbol. And since i dont speak Japanese. one thing that i can address here about the old series gundam boxes that they claim to be is that when you watch the anime the TRANSLATION SUXX!!! in my 'Original" Gundam 0079 they translate CHAR as Musoo and AMURO as Yabao=p funny i wish they upload the good ones with good sub in places that i use to dowload my animes where they have good sub=) but i dont think they will do so. as the subbed one that is available are put in one huge GUNDAMOUS large zip file=p lol hehehe wait for my post of my GUNDAM 0079 (that they claim original box) i will notify you here when i have done so=) have a nice day!

Evaritus Lau said...

Bro won't regret on building this kit 'coz it's totally a new experience 1.

So the clear parts, well, why not paint some details like hydraulic pipes to show off ?


seven6398 said...

fairul: you got the point.. those sub are miss.. the translation which i watch it in cantonese and it sound like.. argh!!!

Evaritus: thx pal.. ya.. i'm thinking to add some detail on the inner frame as well.. need to brush up my skill for those little tiny detail.. haha


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