Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garage kits and plastic model kit (Tatsu Hobby)

So.. anyone know the difference in between the garage kits and plastic model kits?.. i will explain here but correct me if i'm wrong..

first.. let me explain the plastic model kit.. plastic model kit normally release and manufactured by those large manufacturers that work together with the plastic model kits origin designers such as Bandai, Kotobukiya, and others.. it come in various scale such as 1/1400 (for those Battle ships), 1/200 (such as speed grade), 1/144 (NG and HG), 1/100 (HG and MG), 1/60 (NG or PG) and also 1/48(megasize).. there are a lot more i think.. the production is fast.. usually it is easy to get one from anywhere especially the latest release kit (for old kit, sorry, it depend on which one you looking for).. got amazing (sometimes not that amazing) boxart and all the parts are attach to the runners (means the parts need to be cut it out and there will be a lot of nub marks!!! ).. prices for plastic model kit is not that high and the competition of the market of plastic model kit is quite high which most dealer that sell plastic model kit offers a lot of discount or freebies for plastic model kit..

the boxart..

parts that attach to runners and need to be cut out to assemble them..

Garage kits.. it is also the kit that base on the original design of the plastic model kits.. so why it called garage kit? it is because garage kit is normally modify from some professional modeler by using some high quality material such as resin to build and scratch out the kit.. and those professional modeler sell the kit (sometime just the part such as conversion kit) that they made.. due to most of the garage kits is either hand made or manufacturer by small producers (such as G-system, VP-model and others).. due to the production require a lot of works, the production somehow quite slow and those kits are quite high (compare to the plastic model kit) but the quality, proportion and the design is truly amazing (worth the value) .. Garage kits also come in various kind of scale.. some plastic model kit that not available in certain scale also available in garage kits.. isn't that great? most of the garage kit (such as conversion which need a plastic model kit as the foundation) need to be painted because it may only come in one color (such as beige color).. you may need some skill to construct a garage kit..

the parts from garage kit normally doesn't come with the runners and it only come in simple design boxart..

this is one of the garage kit that is in 1/100 scale and the scale for this kit available from plastic model kit is only 1/144..

somehow i was accidentally found one of the webstore that selling both garage kit and also plastic model kit which is called Tatsu Hobby.. all the image that i use for garage kit also from Tatsu Hobby.. for those who don't know about this side, pay a visit to the link that i provided or the new banner at side bar that i added for Tatsu Hobby to check out their product for plastic model kits and some amazing garage kits..


Asian1skill said...

can u find more links to custom kits because i am fairly interested in some of the things they make

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: actually you can find it all from my side bar which under "my favorite website.. these are some interesting site:


TongSoup said...

Heh I shop at Tatsuhobby since they are based in my city and I can pick up locally to save on shipping. They are fairly priced for an American based site, although their inventory is a bit small.

seven6398 said...

Tongsoup: nice to meet you..


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