Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Figure photos with EF 100mm 1:2.8 L IS USM

alright.. this time is not in Sunway but is in E@Curve a.k.a Cineleisure Damansara.. again.. don't know the name of the figure.. but this time.. i use EOS 500D with EF 100mm 1:2.8 L IS USM which is the new lens that release not long ago.. most probably that this lens is the replacement of the EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM.. what i can say is this lens is not that easy to use.. first.. i need to stay at least a meter away from the object to use this lens.. and this lens is quite heavy as well.. so.. when i look through the view finder.. normally it will like a bit shaky.. but don't worry.. this lens have aperture at F2.8 which can absorb lot of light for me to increase the shutter speed that reduce blurness.. then.. this lens also come with IS (optical image stabilizer).. don't have to worry much about the weight anymore.. looking at the red line and the word 'L' already tell me that the color for sure is impressive but i still can't differentiate much about the color.. but i do know a bit of 'L' lenses.. the reason for 'L' lenses expensive is because of the material which called fluorite have been use inside the get sharper picture and better color accuracy.. it also reduce the glare, flare or color gradation if i'm not wrong.. this is what the Canon lens workbook said.. part of that.. Canon 'L' lenses will normally come with a superior housing which like some kind of magnesium alloy and for those white color lenses which is normally use for zoom.. it said water resistant if i'm not remember wrong (try at your own risk, if i'm wrong please don't blame me).. enough for the info.. lets check the pics..

the first photo of this lens actually taken by the EFS 18-55 IS.. impressive?.. somehow at the 18mm of this lens which equivalent to 28.8mm (model without full frame start from EOS 7D and below is all using APS-C size CMOS Censor which have 1.6 cropping factor that make the actual mm of the lens multiply by 1.6 to get the 35mm film equivalent format) in film format can make a bit of distortion which we like to call it fish eye effect..
look at the depth of field.. gosh..
all using AWB (auto white balance) and the color temperature and tone.. judge yourself.. better than my IXUS 55 100 times.. XD

the gun seems too heavy and it need a stand.. but i'm more interested on the handgun on the left hand.. haha


Anonymous said...


LEon said...

You got that as new lens. Cool! Now you can take more sharper pictures.

seven6398 said...

Leon: wow wow wow.. thats not my lens.. actually i am canon part time promoter so i was trying this during work.. i do not own the figure or lens.. i'm just not able to afford it.. haha


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