Monday, March 8, 2010

HG Masurao WIP 3

the head unit.. the design of the head is quite special.. the helm is a bit similar to Marasai or Sazabi yet inside which is the face was the Flag's face.. as Mr.Bushido a.k.a Graham is going to train himself in some Samurai style.. even his MS head design is similar to Samurai's helm as well..

the red color part( i don't what is it called or should i just call it as fin) is very very very loose when it attached.. what should i do? use glue on it?.. mm

to be continue..


divinelight said...

you got Masurao too?

I preordered mine from January, but the news are not even heard when I could get this one (late shipment because by sea).

I like Masurao because it resembles Ninja, more than Samurai (such as Shin Musha Gundam)

heathorn said...

ah, the gurren lagann goggles ^^
off course sharpen it bro.

for loose joint, probably you can try to superglue the male peg first, and than sand it to get the right size.

seven6398 said...

Divinelight: nice to meet you there.. added you in my blog link.. where you order the kit from?.. did you check from the website you order?

Heathorn: got it.. i was thinking what is the name of the goggle.. haha..


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