Monday, March 22, 2010

Dengeki magazine Jan 2010 issue and MS IGLOO 2

my latest entertainment stuff.. MS IGLOO 2 (DVD) and the Dengeki Hobby magazine Jan issue

first.. why it called MS IGLOO?. what does the IGLOO stand for?. i don't get it but i always wish to watch this movie.. too bad it quite hard to find.. separate into 3 episode and 3 different language subtitle which are the chinese, english and.. malay?.. wow..

come with all those stickers.. i guess this must be the original and not pirated disc right..
so.. here we go.. on the magazine.. mostly cover on the history of RX-78

from toys to pla-model..
look at those toys that day.. look so funny yet we like it during we are kit.. and i think it is so hard to find it anymore.. i guess the price will also pretty expensive even if we able to find it..

some diorama..

hey man.. look at the RX-78-2 Gundam version one year war 0079.. damn.. it look so beautiful.. i prefer this than the latest version.. and i'm just saw it when i went to Times Square.. cost only RM 119.. guess i should get one for the color scheme about..
look at it.. i'm going to make one that similar to the picture!!!.. but soon.. not now.. too busy..
1/48 Unicorn gundam???.. WOw.. gorgeous.. i guess it was made by the inspiration of the release of Unicorn gundam head display stand..

HGUC unicorn gundam that coated with blue-ish top coat?.. or paint?..

can't cover all the page from the magazine to here..

and i will stop here for this post..

i guess most of us also have read this issue..


Ant Sized Man said...

No idea what the Igloo stands for, strange that i never even wondered what it meant. Still i know that its an awesome OVA, favorite episode is Type 61 Vs the White Ogre.

seven6398 said...

ant sized man: me too.. the second episode which talk about the white ogre and type 61 tank is my favorite..

Asian1skill said...

agreed ms igloo 2 episode 2 is da best but i like the 3rd episode too the guntank one is really awesome so yea

Anonymous said...

the hk and even taiwan dengeki hobby dun hv 1/48 display head included like japanese version

seven6398 said...

Anonymous: yeah.. but i can actually get the base from somewhere else.. but far from my home..


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