Saturday, March 6, 2010

HG Masurao WIP 1 (edited)

Finally i get this kit.. i was planning to get this kit before it release when i saw the news.. i saw the 1/100 resin kit before and the cost only less than $60.. i was planning to get that too.. but i'm just can't cover the shipping fees..

mm.. i always like the character of the Graham Aker in Gundam OO series for both season.. the only pilot that don't like to use any gundam to defeat gundam.. a pilot that depend more on own skill than the power of the mobile suit.. no matter what.. hold the principle of using flag as the base of his mobile suit.. the battle of Graham and Eins at the first season is one of the coolest battle.. follow by the battle in between GN Flag with Exia and this.. Masurao and OO raiser.. he is the toughest opponent against gundam.. somehow he have lose at the last battle.. there are only few scene that show Masurao.. and he just remind me of Rau le Creuset which is only fight for his own reason and also have a very strong skill in piloting mobile suit..

alright.. enough for the pilot of the suit.. as far as know from the Gundam OO series.. this suit have very few weapon such as double (heat or beam) sword.. that all for the weapon?.. it able to activate trans-arm with it Tao GN drive thank to Graham's friend( the one with white long hair and modify MS for Graham) which i also forget the name.. and the mobility of this MS is just tremendously quick.. a mobile suit that truly depend on the skill of pilot with minimum number of weapon that focus on melee battle and high mobility..

the box art is pretty nice..
side view..

but as what we can see at the normal standing pose of this kit is just not dynamic enough..
this HG kit is highly depend on the post and angle in order to make it look good.. reason is because some proportion of this kit is a bit bulk and short.. such as the chest or body should be longer and the feet should be sharper..

it gt total of six runners.. quite a lot of part for this thinny kit..the tail come together and only two foil stickers?..

so what do i plan for this kit?

-will try to see what minor detail i'm able to add.
-gloss coat (majority on black color area)

and thats all.. not planning to re-paint this kit since the the color that come with this kit is just.. enough.. only minor detailing is needed..

stay tune..

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

yea graham aker msut be like one of the fav pilots just becuz he pilots a flag and da most badass character besides the gundam pilots. but the masurao doesnt haf a abdeomen cannon only susanwo does. instead he has dis thing called a beam chakram which is formed in between his attenaes or something btw are u gonna custom color it???

Asian1skill said...

oh yea and his friend dat made trans am possible with da fake gn drive (tau) was katagiri billy or something i just recently re-watched it lol and its still good lol

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

for a kit with dark color scheme, i think the seamlines will not be too obvious :D

note : seamlines = 'lines' between two parts (or more) which are snap-fit together

chubbybots said...

Hmm agree with you on the proportions. Kinda of short when you take a photo straight up.

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: thank for the information of the character.. katagiri billy.. i always rememeber his name with a lot of "i" vocal.. wait the minute.. i do remember i saw Graham use the cannon from the abdomen of Masurao in the last and furious battle with OO raiser.. beam chakram.. got it.. haha.. bout the antenna.. i may paint.. worry that i can't find the same color with the beam color..

Zoidiect: got it.. next time i will try to snap the part properly.. recently i found one video from youtube regarding how to cover or remove the seamlines.. but only found the title and haven't watch it yet.. will try to share some if i'm able to download it..

Chubbybots: hey.. check out this.. ..
the proportion is very accurate and it is in.. 1/100 SCALE!!! and the price not that high too.. this is the one i mention in my post..

Mike said...

yeap, that fella's name is billy. I'd prefer this than the susanowo because this masurao's sword is better looking :D

hey bro, after all these while of extensive gunpla collecting, why not take a full family photo?

seven6398 said...

Mike: me too.. Masurao rules!!!.. haha.. currently i having problem with space.. my table is mess up.. can't find a space to gather all up for a photo.. i will try to get up when i have time.. displaying them out for photo and put them back into display may take me a day.. XD

Asian1skill said...

i think that was susanwo??? isnt it???

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: you're right.. the custom of Masurao.. Susanowo.. i will edit it.. i'm so stupid.. haha..


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