Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remember the capsule toys?

So.. people that have their childhood during 90s.. and especially in Malaysia.. i'm sure you have saw a lot of those capsule toys vending machine outside the grocery shop.. first it start with the vending machine that selling shining dragon ball card at Rm 0.40.. then more different types of toys like figure from the character of dragon ball, car, torchlight, laser light, digimon pokemon, transformer and even the sd gundam figure from 0079 series.. prices are vary from RM 0.20 to RM 2.. so much of stuff from the capsule vending machine.. during the 90s, the quality of this capsule toys was so high.. i remember those transformers that i bought come with very high quality plastic and also metal screw.. even the coloring is pretty good as well.. as compare to nowadays capsule toys bought outside toy's r us and some other hobbyshop.. most of it come in bad shape and proportion which looks like imitation toys from the origin.. and it cost at RM 4 per capsule (roughly more than 100 yen).. some of the capsule toys today may still come in good quality, accurate on color and proportion as well.. but too bad that is too rare to find and quite costly..

old style vending machine where you still can find it from grocery shop or mini supermarket..

i remember that i have lot of collection during that time.. i collect figure from pokemon, digimon (my favorite) and transformers.. but i have no idea where i keep them now.. most of it is either gave to my cousin or my aunt's son when i'm in secondary school.. i use to collect them all during my primary school at the place i wait for school bus after school..
recently i saw some of the old style vending machine is selling capsule toys for SD Sangokuden series.. bout the quality.. refer to the photos.. it can't even stand straight!!!
i bought this few days ago for RM 0.50.. i plan to get another one but my second RM0.50 got stuck so i'm just leave it..
we use to called those capsule as egg and when we going to purchase those capsule toys.. we will say "蛋" whic pronoun as Zhuǎn jī dàn means turn the egg out.. the machine will tell you why you need to turn it out..


LEon said...

I was a big fan of gashapon in the late 90s. It was very hot in the early 2000 and I got many of those toys and now taking my time to share it on my blog.

seven6398 said...

Leon: nice to meet you.. gashapon.. thats the name.. heard it but never know the meaning during that time.. haha.. add you in my link..


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