Sunday, March 28, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 5

after the backpack.. here comes the weapons.. beam rifle, bazooka and shield..

quite a lot of part for the beam rifle.. pretty simple to assemble it.. the beam rifle look quite short.. the thing is the power source of the beam rifle for Mk 2 is not direct from the power source of the mobile suit it self.. like those we saw on seed and destiny series.. the power source of the beam rifle is come from the magazine which only have 3 which the extra two magazines will attach to the shield..
the extra magazines and the beam rifle..
bazzooka unit.. the design is simple also.. especially the head of the bazooka.. small..
even bazooka also have extra magazine.. but don't where to store it yet..
one good thing for the shield is the shield is collapsible.. which make it compact.. but i don't know what is the purpose.. but glad to have this kind of gimmick.. the structure for the collapsible is very fragile too..
got lot of large surface which can use for adding panel line or pla plating..
the complete one and that is how the magazines attach to the shield..

to be continue..

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