Saturday, March 27, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 2

ikke.. just start the pre-assembling process yesterday.. and got it post in here today.. i have forgot to mention my plan on this kit.. well.. i don't even have a proper plan yet.. my compressor starting to give some weird noisy sound.. mm.. hope it won't die until i can get a new compressor or else.. all my plan will just stuck.. so.. the plan for this kit..

- first start with the inner frame.. i may paint it to dark grey.. so i don't have to do panel line on it.. XD..
- then all the white color area.. not going to do weathering like what we saw from the manual because i don't know how to do weathering yet.. but will give a flat coat on it..
- next will be the black color or dark blue color area will give a direct black color.. haven't decide using gloss black or flat black yet..
-yellow and red color parts will remain the same color which i will not re-paint it..
-thruster will either go direct full gold color, or outer gold and inner red or outer dark grey and inner red..
- will do some minor detailing on the hydraulic pump and part of the inner frame will be painted in gold color..
- panel line
- foil stickers will be use
- will give a silver chrome to the mesh pipe to make it look like metal..
- markings and decal will be use ( in full maybe)

So that is the plan.. back to the topic of this post

here we go.. the chest unit.. feels like all the parts are so bigger after handling few 1/144 HG.. haha.. not much part on the chest here.. the inner frame is pretty detail.
the escape pod.. my favorite.. at first i thought what was it.. i have assemble something like this in MG unicorn for it's cockpit yet i don't know why the cockpit design to be like that.. after watching the Unicorn movie and ZZ series.. now i know that this is a 360 degree screen cockpit and also a escape pod.. haha

completed.. really looks like Nu-gundam's chest.. have to learn to scrib some panel line on it..

to be continue..


Mike said...

bro, i think they use MAX spraying technique for the white part, i think only la. u can go look up for this technique.

seven6398 said...

Mike: MAX spraying technique?.. can you provide me the link?.

seven6398 said...

mike: i found it.. i saw that technique before but don't know what it called..


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