Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HG Calamity

yosh!!!.. complete.. second post of the month and the last post of HG calamity.. i will start on HG masurao soon..

so.. a little bit of comment from myself on this kit here.. first.. i'm not sure what wrong with my camera.. i'm just can't get the right color (the green) like what i see in eyes in the camera.. have to edit the picture and i found it look like the original color from the manual and the box now.. lucky or not lucky.. posing this kit is quite challenging because most of the part is very loose such as the shoulders unit, the palm and also the ankle.. i'm not sure others.. maybe only my kit have this problem.. not much posing can be done.. since this kit is focus on fire power.. slashing post.. sorry to say.. no beam saber.. most of the post is focus on the bazooka and the shield which happen to my favorite weapon.. but the length of the bazooka always get obstruct by the back cannon and there is no lock in the palm for the bazooka.. so.. it very troublesome.. can't blame it since it is an old HG kit..

alright.. here the summary of the paint i done:

-Mr. Color metallic green
-Mr. Color Dark green
-Mr. Color metallic steel black (for the bazooka only)
-gaia red (for all the cannon)
-gaia yellow
-panel line.

first time use hand painting.. it is an interesting experience.. i got a Rm 40 brush.. why i'm not try it?.. but i have no idea of the mixture of the paint.. so i end up using the airbrush to cover the flaw..

the chest cannon is painted by using hand too.. the foil sticker just become hopeless in this kind of surface..

the shield is the easiest part to paint with..

some how.. when i look at the amount of thruster.. i don't feel this kit immobilize anymore.. it should be able to move fast.. i'm just too lazy to paint all other thruster because it just too small.. at first i was planning to paint all the thruster by using hand.. after i try on the cannon.. i'm just give up.. will try on other kit to strength my skill first..

here come the posing..

this is how to make the gun or bazooka or any other weapon look wider.. do not use zoom but the maximum angle of the camera..

alright thats all for this kit.. hope you guys enjoy it..


Asian1skill said...

damn looks better wen close up. so ur gonna build raider and forbidden wen u haf a chance to buy it rite???

chubbybots said...

Nice poses and shots :D Loved it ^^

I noticed the seamlineS on the cannons. Maybe for the next build you might want to try removing them?

Faris said...

Ya nice poses and interesting color too
I think u miss to panel line some area

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: thx.. yeah.. most probably raider first cause i have found it..

Chubbybots: thx.. you mean the line is too thick?. sorry.. i don't understand what is seamlines..

Faris: thx.. you mean those area from the back?

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

for me, overall color is splendid but i think its better if the yellow is made a bit opinon only, feel free to ignore it ^^

and the panel lines are neat!

seven6398 said...

Zoidiect: thx.. i agree with the yellow color become more orange-ish.. i thought the color was in yellow at the manual.. i should not paint it.. but i'm still quite satisfy with it.. haha.. will try to make the panel line thinner.. still can't pick a better pen..


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