Monday, March 15, 2010


So.. some new supply..

-surfacer 1000
-mr.color leveling thinner
-mr.color clear orange
-gundam marker (big head type)
-sd kakuka virsago

at first i was thinking to some dark grey color paint, Sd sun chuan tiger type and MG astray red frame kai but all of them out of stock.. zzz.. so this is what i get.. guess i will have to wait for next month only get the the thing that out of stock..

this gundam marker pen is different from the normal type which have blue body.. this gundam marker pen comes with big head for some thick line area..
bought this to paint the reborn beam saber and also some part at the antenna of Masurao..
i'm running out of surfacer.. so i bought this too..
compare to the normal thinner it only cost another RM 3.. and the seller there told me that leveling thinner is dry slower than the normal type.. mm.. not sure..

thats all..

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