Friday, March 12, 2010

it is growing [ Thank you ]

this post will be something about my blog..

actually nothing huge happen in my blog.. but i'm just glad that it has grow.. for just 10 month after i set the sitemeter.. it show that more than 20000 visitor have visited my blog.. i know it not much since some blog can just easily can 20000 visitor in a few days or maybe in a day.. but i'm just not famous and only share limited topic here.. just want to say "Thank you for all of you that visit my blog, added this blog into your blogroll and re-visit my blog again".. i will try to improve my blog and create more interesting post in future..

and this is the funny thing that i found from here.. maybe its not funny.. it is a website that evaluate website.. and the value of my blog is Singapore Dollar 27,507.89 .. wow.. if it convert to RM.. it value is more than RM 50,000.. i was like.. wow.. but..

wait a minute.. who is going to buy my blog?.. haha.. even if there are someone who want to buy my blog.. mm.. i may not sell it too.. but RM 50,000.. 5 times value of my whole gundam collection.. mm.. really make me think twice.. haha.. i'm just kidding.. i'm rather build another one for them..

i try put other website such as or Ngeekhiong.blogspot and their value was counted in million.. ok.. that show how little i am.. haha..

Anyway.. recently i'm just adding some banner ad from some online hobby shop which from different country such as USA, Japan and also Hong Kong.. so.. whoever have just get into this hobby (gunpla).. and can't find any good price for gunpla or the gunpla that you wanted at local store.. try to click at the banner ad that i add on the side bar.. trust me.. so many excited thing inside.. so the website that included for the banner ad are:




Shinra said...

Heh, it says my blog is worth $4,050.76 (USD I guess?) Yeah right, I find that very hard to believe.

seven6398 said...

shinra: it start with 'S$' .. so i guess it is in Singapore dollar..


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